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Payment with a fingertip

End-to-End Independent Mobile Payment System
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The world is ready for a new payment paradigm

A state-of-the-art payment solution, usable anywhere in the world, independent from payment schemes, mobile phone companies, mobile operators or existing financial rails, based on Bluetooth Smart© data transmission technology


What is needed is simple: two handsets, two apps and one solution: by simply waving the handsets to each other and tapping “ok” – the payment is done.

Works anywhere in the world

Pushing the boundaries to a new horizon.

Driving digital revenue

successful loyalty features and coupon campaigns can help retailers acquire customers and drive online sales. Therefore increasing offline sales and foot traffic to physical stores.

It’s unique – It’s:


No data is saved on devices; all data exchange is encrypted


No bank or financial services license is required


It can be easily expanded and developed further


No further software is needed

It’s unique – It’s horizon

horizon stands for a comprehensive solution based on in-depth payment knowledge combined with outstanding technical features to ensure a competitive, yet user-friendly product. It’s prepared to be utilized in various cases, geographies and environments.

1. It’s completely software based

No terminal hardware is needed.

2. It’s end-to-end

One solution to cover and initiate the entire process- and value chain.

3. It’s flexible and scalable

From the local solution to the countrywide coverage.

4. It’s secure

Highest standards are met by all-encrypted traffic and tokenization.

5. It’s ubiquitous

iOS and Android versions wait to excel expectations.



No card data is ever stored on the devices or the servers. All data exchange is encrypted. All card scheme specific security mandates followed. Access to the apps is secured by code or fingerprint. Customer privacy is of utmostimportance, no access to consumerdata for merchants.


Horizon is at par with the industry solutions, like Apple Pay or Google Pay © - but independent from them. The system can be run and implemented by anyone. No bank or financial services license required. It’s running on >90% of the smartphone devices worldwide.


It can be easily expanded and developed further – as the system is proprietary and under full control of the owners.


It is offering the full set of components for running the end-to-end payment transactions.


The system is completely white-label – any brand or name can be used to market it. It can be interfaced with any system and service provider required to conduct the transaction cycle.

easy, fast and convenient

Usage of the apps is intuitive and very easy to understand. No “training” or “introduction” of users required. No extra hardware needed for the merchant.


The appealing interface design is edgy and an eye-catcher for the users. This modern way of payment is a differentiator for those who get into it and a great user experience. And for those who offer it to their customers, being it a merchant or a consumer.

good business

Anyone who runs the system (owner / license holder) is in full, autonomous control over every aspect (financial, commercial, business wise) of the business, conducted with the solution.

How the system works

The horizon system consists of these components:

1. the consumer app

2. the merchant terminal

3. the horizon backend

It stands for a modern, independent, end-to-end mobile payment solution fully controlled by the stakeholders.

Payment with a fingertip

The Smartphone and mobile handset have become the ubiquitous device in the hands of billions of people, worldwide. Banks, financial institutions, retailers, shopping mall operators and many more are striving to provide easy, reliable, resilient and convenient payment solutions.